Regional Indicators

Regional indicators are metrics used to gauge the progress made in North Texas toward meeting regional goals, as well as evaluate how the region compares to the rest of the state or nation in various measures. This helps identify areas where more local efforts are needed to make faster progress toward meeting goals, or to perform better relative to state and national averages.

Fuel Consumption

As vehicles become more fuel efficient and more people utilitze mass transportation, motor gasoline consumption should decrease over time.

2015 Motor Gasoline Consumption

2015 Clean Cities Petroleum Reduction Comparison


Energy Consumption

CFL and LED light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, and other energy efficiencies should cause energy consumption to decrease over time.

2015 Energy Consumed per Capita


Energy Generation

While the per capita energy use should decrease, the North Texas region is still growing at a rapid pace and overall energy generation needs to keep pace. New efficient technologies such as renewables are begining to thrive in the Texas Market.

Net Electricity Generation



Air quality is key to quality of life. The design value the the way to measure air quality.

Texas Metro Areas - Ozone Design Value

United States Metro Areas - Ozone Design Value