Region C Municipal Water Needs and Supplies

Approximately 25 percent of the state’s 2020 population will reside in Region C. Between 2020 and 2070, the region’s population is projected to increase 91 percent. By 2070, the total water demands for the region are projected to increase 71 percent. More than three-quarters of the existing water supply in Region C is associated with surface water. By 2070 the total existing water supply is projected to decline about 3 percent, due primarily to anticipated reservoir sedimentation.

On a region-wide basis Region C does not have enough water supplies to meet demands through 2070, with the vast majority of deficits occurring in the municipal category. In the event of drought, Region C is projected to have a total water supply need of 125,000 acre-feet in 2020, increasing to 1,356,000 acre-feet by 2070. A relatively small volume of municipal needs remain unmet in the region, however an unmet need does not prevent an associated entity from pursuing development of additional water supply. The Region C Planning Group recommended a variety of water management strategies and projects that would overall provide more water than is required to meet future needs. In all, the 2,341 strategies and 557 projects would provide 1,436,000 acre-feet of additional water supply by the year 2070 at a total capital cost of $23.6 billion.

 Source: 2016 Region C Water Plan 


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