Dallas Water Utilities Water Conservation Program

City of Dallas Water Utilities has had conservation programs since the early 1980’s. Over the years those activities increased to include children’s activities, water conservation seminars/workshops, an annual Water-Wise Landscape tour and more. In 2001, the Dallas City Council took conservation efforts to another level by adopting an irrigation ordinance which included time-of-day watering restrictions.

The ordinance and other measures have reduced gallons per capita per day in Dallas by 26% since 2001 resulting in:

  • An estimated water savings of over 316 billion gallons or 22 billion gallons annually
  • An energy savings of 694.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 478,614 tons

Source: 2014 Dallas Long Range Water Supply Plan to 2070 and Beyond; Dallas Water Utilities, December 2015

The City of Dallas 2010 Water Conservation Strategic Plan and 2014 Water Conservation Plan include the following goals,:

  • Develop water conservation programs aimed at:
    • developing and implementing programs aimed at reducing seasonal peak demands,
    • reducing water loss and waste, and o decreasing per capita water use (gpcd),
  • Continuation of heightened public awareness of water conservation,
  • Continue to implement conservation practices that will maintain quality of life and allow economic growth and development,
  • Continue to implement broad-based public and private stakeholder groups, leading by example by upgrading city facilities with water-efficient fixtures, landscapes, and irrigation systems wherever possible,
  • Assist in facilitating regional conservation efforts among DWU wholesale customer cities and neighboring municipalities, and
  • Establish the foundation for continuation of water savings targets for the following five-year period and beyond.

 For more information about the conservation intiatives underway at the Dallas Water Utilities, visit www.SaveDallasWater.com.