Emergency Preparedness and the Energy Supply


Date: August 28, 2019

Audience: This workshop is appropriate for energy managers, facility managers, personnel that manage electric contracts, and/or collect or report energy and water usage data.

Disruptions in power occur for a variety of reasons in North Central Texas. Natural and man-made hazards can lead to disruptions in electric services to local government facilities, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. This workshop will explore ways local governments can better prepare for future disruptions by reducing their electric demand. By reducing demand on the grid through improvements in energy efficiency and implementation of technologies such as distribution generation and microgrids, local governments can improve their resilience to grid outages. Integrating energy efficiency into resilience planning will also be explored and resources for local governments to evaluate energy efficiency as a tool for resiliency will be provided. Additionally, integrating alternative fuel vehicle technology and infrastructure in emergency preparedness applications will also be discussed.

Speakers/Trainers: Gavin Dillingham - Houston Advanced Research Council 
Jerry Looper - Denton Municiple Electric 
Tamara Cook - North Central Texas Council of Governments 
Dorothy Gilliam - North Central Texas Council of Governments 

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Flyers & Handouts: