Senate Bill 898 Mandates

Reduce electric consumption by at least 5% each year for 10 years, applicable only to ozone non-attainment and near non-attainment counties.

Senate Bill 898 mandates energy efficiency programs in political subdivisions, institutions of higher education, and state agency facilities located in non-attainment or near non-attainment counties in Texas.  The mandate is located in the Texas Health and Safety Code Section 388.005.  Each political subdivision, institution of higher education, or state agency in affected counties shall:

  • Each shall implement all cost effective energy efficiency measures. Cost effective defined in §302.004(b), Local Government Code.
  • Each shall establish a goal to reduce electric consumption by 5 percent per year beginning in 2011.
  • Each entity shall report to SECO annual electricity consumption and progress toward meet the 5 % energy reduction goal in the previous state fiscal year, using a standard reporting form.

DUE: November 1 (annually)

*SECO will accept an EWMP acceptable to completing SB898 requirements*

SB 898 compliance is overseen by the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).

Think you may be exempt?

  • Entities are exempt from reporting the 5% annual reduction requirement only if they submit evidence that no additional energy reduction measures were cost effective to implement.

    Any institution of higher education that SECO determined, before September 1, 2007, had adopted a plan and goal for conserving energy, and annually submits reports on the conservation plan to the governor, the Legislative Budget Board, and SECO.