Plano, Texas - Water Conservation Rebate Program


The City of Plano Water Conservation Rebate Program offers rebates to residents who install rain/freeze sensors, high efficiency toilets, and pressure reducing valves.

Plano, Texas

Year Implemented


Program Details

Implementation Process

The City researched other similar programs. The program was included in the City of Plano's Water Resources Plan adopted in 2009.

Motivation for Implementing Program
The City wanted to offer residents an incentive to reduce their water use via relevant rebates.


  • No set budget for this program.
  • Funding source: Water and Sewer Fund.
  • Rebates are essentially foregone revenues because they are issued as water bill credits.
  • Annual rebates issued varies between $50,000 and $134,000 (amount spent on rebates has increased since the program started).

Short and Long - Term Benefits

  • Satisfies the requirement for one of the TWDB's Municipal Best Management Practices.
  • Reduced water consumption and improved water efficiency (sometimes attend classes offered by the City).
  • Sustained water savings.

Project Outcomes

  • Continued operation with minor changes to the rebates and amounts offered.
  • Satisfied residents.
  • Possibility of offering different rebates in the future depending on water efficiency targets.

Lessons Learned 

Any utility considering a rebate program should make sure it is a good fit with their population, water usage patterns, and overall community demographics.  For instance, a city that has a majority of homes built after 1993 would not benefit as much from a toilet rebate program since changes to the plumbing code have required low-flow toilets since 1992.


  • Over 4,500 applications since the program began.
  • 5,700 toilet rebates.
  • 500 rain/freeze sensor rebates.
  • 525 rainbarrel rebates (discontinued in 2014).


The Water Conservation Rebate Program is administered by the City of Plano.

Plano, Texas