Practical Creek Care - A Handbook for Stewardship

City of Arlington's Practical Creek Care - A Handbook for Stewardship 

Recognizing that natural habitats are sensitive to human activity, the City of Arlington completed this handbook on creek stewardship as an outreach tool for local homeowners and bussinesses. Since much of Arlington’s creek side property is in private ownership, property owners along Arlington's creeks play a critical role in preserving Arlington’s creek systems for future generations.This handbook is designed to provide them with information and suggestions on ways to care for and mange the creeks which are adjacent to their properties. It provides practical information about the characteristics of healthy and ailing creeks, how to improve water quality, actions to help prevent pollution from entering creeks, actions to prevent erosion and minimize flood loss, using alternative products, and steps to minimize wastes and conserve natural resources.

View the handbook here: Practical Creek Care - A Handbook for Stewardship

Arlington, Texas