Euless, Texas - Fire Department Idle Reduction Project




Electrification poles were installed to provide wayside power for both ambulances and firetrucks when parked at the Euless Fire Department’s remote training facility. Prior to the installation of this technology, the fire department was forced to keep their vehicles idling on-site when attending their multiple training sessions every week. Since installation, the poles are utilized on average 15-18 hours a week. When the vehicle is plugged in, the temperature and power is maintained in the ambulance to sustain medicines, equipment, and computers for immediate use, all while the engine remains off. Ultimately, the city estimates the electrification poles have accomplished approximately 20,301 hours of idle reduction for the fire department since its initial installation in 2008, resulting in significant fuel savings and emissions reductions.

Euless, Texas

Completion Date
2008 and 2010


Program Details 

2 Electrification poles

Land Use
Parking lot

First pole installed in 2008: $3,772.75
Second pole installed in 2010: $6,040.00

Environment and Economic Benefits

  • Fuel reduction
  • Idle reduction
  • Air Quality improvements 

Benefits of Electrification Poles

  • Inexpensive installation
  • Easy learning and adoption of the technology
  • Maintains temperature control and power for equipment in the cab of the ambulance
  • Maintains power to all computer systems
  • Reduces wear on the engine compared to idling for extended periods of time
  • Increases engine life
  • Multiple vehicles can be plugged into each pole at once
  • Automatic cord release if vehicle drives off
  • Can be utilized for any vehicle that has installed a connection port, ex: police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, and delivery or refrigerator trucks
City of Euless Fire Department Remote Training Facility