City of Plano’s Green Business Certification

Green Business Certification

Seeking the City of Plano's Green Business Certification (GBC) indicates you have a commitment to the community and environment.

As you embark on the certification process, we are confident your business will reap the economic and environmental benefits of the sustainable changes you put into place. Environmentally-aware consumers are seeking to do business with establishments which mirror their concern for the conservation of our resources and are good stewards for the Earth. The program's goal is to recognize businesses which exhibit verifiable sustainable attributes and assist in connecting them to green consumers.

The GBC will initially offer certification to offices, retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores and multi-family communities. As the program progresses, additional industry categories may be included in the certification process.


The City of Plano’s Green Business Certification (GBC) program was developed by the City to recognize green businesses and is managed by the City’s Commercial Recycling Division. The GBC program verifies these businesses are upholding a commitment to conduct their daily practices to reduce the impact on our environment. The program also focuses on a checklist of green operational practices designed for consumer businesses with a walk-in clientele.

Not only do green business practices benefit the environment, they make good economic sense-saving your business money. Candidates for the GBC program must provide evidence of completion of specific green initiatives in the following areas:

  • general education
  • waste reduction
  • energy efficiency
  • water efficiency
  • pollution prevention
  • sustainable purchasing.

There is also an elective category of innovation for those businesses that wish to elevate their sustainability efforts. Some initiatives vary by industry, but all have core requirements which must be fulfilled for certification. If your business has already taken sustainable steps, you are on your way to certification.

It is the City of Plano’s vision that businesses who earn certification will save money, assist in protecting our environment and have their business recognized for its efforts in a variety of ways. The City intends to ensure certified businesses maintain environmental integrity and are authentic in their actions and results.

For more information, contact Commercial Recycling by email or 972-769-4393.

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