Solar in Your Community Workshop

The Solar in Your Community Workshop held in coordination with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), covered a variety of solar topics of interest to local governments, including large scale solar programs, consumer protection strategies, solar funding opportunities, and programs and technical assistance available to help local governments interested in taking on a solar project. ICMA provided attendees information on community solar programs including why they could be beneficial, how to get started, and best practices for community engagement, and tips for project siting. Examples of local efforts and programs and funding available provided local governments the insight and resources to begin pursuing a solar program for their community. 

This half-day event was the second in a series of workshops sponsored by the City of Dallas and the Regional Integration of Sustainability Efforts (RISE) Coalition.

This workshop featured:
  • A presentation from the North Central Texas Council of Governments including information on programs and funding opportunities available to help North Texas communities pursue a solar project.
  • Presentations from Scott Annis of ICMA, Chad Laurent of Cadmus, and Michael Martin of MM Solar Advisory, on community and large-scale solar programs, including best practices and information on programs such as SolSmart that encourage local governments to pursue solar development.
  • A presentation from Chris Cook of Oncor on the solar incentives offered by Oncor to their customers.
  • A catered lunch, with a lunchtime keynote from Fred Wu, Director of Community Engagement for iChoosr, on group purchasing and consumer protection.
  • A case study of Farmers Branch recent solar development project.
Workshop Presentations:  
Held on May 5, 2023 at NCTCOG offices in Arlington, TX.